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wearing myself out ~ .~
I liek to draw boots (。・ω・。)
everything else is questionable
DN Art Meme!

found a chinese art meme while browsing some DN art on Pixiv, and I ended up finding more on baidu and weibo

All the questions are in chinese but I’ll do a rough translation for now and make a template later o/
Please note they refer to the characters as ‘children’ and you (the owner of the account) is considered their ‘parent’.

《DN Character Meme》
Parent name:
Draw out all your children (or as many as you can fit) first!

  1. Draw your favorite child~
  2. Draw your first child~!*
  3. Draw a genderbend of your youngest (newest) child
  4. Draw your first female and first male character together as an OTP~!
  5. now draw their child(ren) o 7o [I actually fudge this translation not entirely clear on what they were talking about]
  6. Now draw your favorite OTP [the original meme limits to just within your characters but hell let’s extend it to any DN OTP as long as you have the other parent’s permission]
  7. Draw your favorite child when s/he first started out, and what s/he looks like now ;3
  8. …and then go tag some people huehue

* if you don’t know which child came first, on the character selection screen choose the ‘chronology’ option in the character sort options. This will automatically show all your characters in the order you created them. 

mr frog is judging you hard
I give up twitter won’t let me tweet this
WIP for Cookii Monster; got tired of weird anatomy on paper so I scrapped like 3 sketches and took to SAI instead…._(:3
was muy disappointed when they announced lencea to be a female class so I uh….

Live fully…Never let your regrets consume you.
I..I’ll try, mother. I promise.

It’s mother’s day and I uh….
Aries (cleric) and Utahime (a…songbird?) 
Decided to draw out dovey x umzi OTP and somehow it turned to this: Aries rescued a little songbird 50+ years ago. She couldn’t stay by his side (for various reasons that I’m still trying to make up) and then the Dragon Raid happened and shit and they both died apart from each other. The little bird promised to come back to him in another lifetime and…
…we end up with a crybaby saint and oblivious guardian in the present timeline.
I think….there’s a lot of holes that need filling for that story;;;;